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Sample Portfolio of Affordable Web Sites by WebTechGroup.Net

Below is a sample of affordable web sites created for some of our customers. By mousing over the list on the right
you will see an image of the home page of the various sites. (If the images are not visible, please wait a few
seconds for them to load.) ...Click on any name on the list to visit the web site.


South 21jr.


S&G Carpet Cleaners

Vue Coaching

Display Fixtures

Park 51 Cafe

ATM Link


Super Relax Raleigh

Super Relax Charlotte

Grease Master

Burris Academy

Circle G Restaurant


Custom Industries

Bio Air


Blue Rain


Enviro Systems


Shelving Systems




"It's great ....Thank you. Where do I send you the check?" --ATM Link

"Much better than I hoped to expect, I am very pleased with the results." --South 21jr.

"Very nice setup ....looks good." --Enviro Systems

"Your work is fantastic", "the cards look really good" -- Blue Rain

"Looks good! Less than half the price we paid the other guy and he left it unfinished and kept the money" --.Gaus-Scott.

."Great!!!!!...love it..thanks Nick!!!....did not take long at all.....you are good!!!" --.Glory Companion Care






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