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Specialists in Affordable Small Business Web Sites

We specialize in small business and organizational web sites.
Most small businesses and organizations don't have the expertise or the time required to develop and maintain a viable web site presence. We make it affordable and convenient to out-source the development of a web site.

No hidden monthly charges.
The price we quote is the price we live by. We value your business and promise to be up-front and honest with all our pricing. All hosting and domain name fees are charged on an annual basis.

Free Domain Names with all packages (limited time offer) .
Select packages come with a free domain name registration for one year. Combine that with our low design and maintenance prices for a real value.

We service your needs at every level.
We provide everything from simple static pages to complex interactive pages, forms and
e-commerce sites.
 Web site management is available at a low $24.95 (paid annually) which includes up to 6 hours of service per month for text and image changes to keep your site's content current and to ensure all links are unbroken and operational.

Get your FREE quote today.
E-mail us with your project details and receive your free quote within 24 hours.
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Payment terms to suit your budget
We accept all major credit cards through our PayPal account. You are not required to have a Pay Pal account to pay with Pay pal.  Corporate invoicing with 15 day terms upon approved credit. 30 day guarantee applies to hosting account see terms and conditions.

Your web site, once the design is finished and the web site is published on the web, will belong to you. You will receive all the information you need to access your control panel and manage your account along with a copy of the html and image files. If you don't feel comfortable doing so or just don't want to spend the time, we can continue to manage and update your site at a reasonable monthly fee of $24.95 (paid annually) or a per instance hourly rate.

We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients and will do whatever we can to service your needs today and in the future.

Keeping it Simple

Our philosophy of web site design is best described as KISS, (keep it simple stupid). Web sites should be clean, uncluttered, easily navigable and contain information for your viewers. You have 15 to 20 seconds to capture the attention of a viewer before they click away. Web sites that contain splash pages and require waiting for animations to load before allowing entry into a home page cause many to click away before entering a web site. Sites that contain a lot of animation, music and other resource hungry applications slow down the loading of your site and drives viewers away.

Look at Google or Craig's Lst, their home pages are as simple as they can get. No animations, no music, and simple text on their pages.. Should you emulate Google or Craig's List? No, but the point is, make it simple and easy to navigate so that it will be user friendly. I'm sure you have gone to a web site and can't find how to navigate to the page that contains the information you want. It's the same with your viewers, they want the information you offer, not a lot of special effects.


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